Collaborative Research Associates

Dr. J. Anne Clark founded Collaborative Research Associates (CRA) to help vital programs achieve their goals. CRA provides planning and evaluation services designed to meet specific needs of individual programs. Headquartered in Colorado, CRA works throughout the United States with a wide range of community-serving programs as well as education programs.

The challenging work of community-serving and education programs often requires meeting evolving constituent needs in changing environments with scare resources. CRA works collaboratively with program leaders and staff to formulate strategies to meet these challenges by focusing on specific program goals, resources, and intended outcomes. Take a look at some of CRA’s recent project work.

CRA knows how to ask the right questions, utilize the appropriate tools, and conduct the most effective program planning and evaluation processes. And our collaborative methods empower program leaders and staff members to continue benefitting from these processes long after CRA’s involvement ends.

Please contact CRA for a free telephone consultation to discuss your program’s needs and our services.